Saturday, May 31, 2008

Art Alliance Of Idyllwild presents 3D Art Festival & Gallery Tour

The Art Alliance of Idyllwild presents its 3D Art Festival & Gallery Tour Saturday June 7, 2008 – 1-4 p.m.

Sponsored by The Rainbow Inn Bed & Breakfast

Stroll through the galleries in the village of Idyllwild, enjoy a glass of wine and meet three dimensional guest artists as the Galleries of Idyllwild present a summer Gallery Tour in 3D.

For information about any event call 866.439.5278 or visit

Visit these Participating Galleries!

 Artisans Gallery – Artisans and Baker Galleries in Oakwood Village, will feature turned wood, ceramics, blown glass lamps, and much more. Come see what the locals are up to.

 Café Aroma – Featuring Artist Signature Wine series labels by resident artist Rachel Welch. Come enjoy El Presidente Cabernet Sauvignon and Diva Dell’Uve Chardonnay.

 Courtyard Gallery – 3D you can touch - the multilayered canvases of Jim Turpin and Judith Lepuchitz and the "Zen" ceramics of Terry Rothrock and Debbie Crowell.

 Everitt's Minerals and Gallery – Featuring jewelry by Janet & Larry Everitt artists/owners.

 Florist In The Forest & Gallery – Featuring the multi-media works of Donna Lori Parker.

 Flying Pigments Studio – Flying Pigment Studio Gallery will feature Kathleen Chaney's Art Rocks, Dore Capitani's Metal Sculptures, Jan Jaspers-Fayer Bronzes, Marcia Cox, Raku & Bronze.

 Four Corners Fine Art Gallery – Four Corners Gallery is featuring the handcrafted jewelry designs of Trudy Adler. Trudy's latest offerings are signature pieces made of gleaming copper.

 Historical Society – Featuring information about the history of Idyllwild.

 Idyllwild Gallery of Fine Art – Bold, Exciting, Colorful, Innovative are words used to describe the vases, wall hangings and furniture of Arizona glass artisan Cheryl McNeill.

 Mason Fine Art Gallery – Mason Fine Art features Julie Halstead, a fabric art painter, and Cindy Eddy, a mosaic artist known for whimsical embellishments.

 Mountain Metals – Featuring metal sculpture work by owner/artist Dore Capatani.

 Parks Exhibition Center – Featuring an exciting variety of original works of art.

 Two Babes in the Woods – Featuring new works from their Family of Artists.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Art Alliance of Idyllwild Showcases Art in 3-D

IDYLLWILD, CA, 5/27/08 – Three-dimensional art offers a refreshing and lively use of space. Unlike drawing, painting or even photography, 3-D art is tangible. There’s a front to it and a back. You can touch it and enjoy the feel of its nuances and textures. Galleries in the mountain town of Idyllwild are preparing to display some exquisite examples of 3-D art at the Art Alliance of Idyllwild’s 3-D Art Festival and Gallery Tour.

The tour, which takes place Saturday, June 7, from 1-4 PM, is part of the Art Alliance’s “First Saturdays” series, which presents a noteworthy art event on the first Saturday of each month from March through October. AAI member galleries will open their doors with refreshments for guests to enjoy while they browse some of the most interesting collections of 3-D art. Pick up a map at the nearest AAI gallery to find your way. Enjoy a leisurely walk through the beautiful mountain village or hop on the complementary shuttle, which will carry you along the route.

Flying Pigment Studio proudly features several 3-D artists including Kathleen Chaney, Marica Cox Holzman, Dore Capitani and Jan Japers-Fayer.

Holzman began her fine art career after a long & successful phase as a commercial illustrator. She works in a variety of media, which includes oil, acrylic & watercolor painting, monotypes, ceramics & bronzed sculpture. Each reflects her love of nature.

"In my most recent work, I'm trying to convey the feelings I have about the natural wonders indigenous to Idyllwild,” said Holzman. “The San Jacinto mountain wilderness area represents to me all wilderness regions of our world that need to be respect & protected.”

Kathleen Chaney, an Idyllwild resident of 24 years, has been an artist most of her life. “I have had many endeavors and media’s and many shows, from map maker, brochures, drawing, paintings, soft sculpture, clay sculpture rock painter muralist jewelry, art teacher, cartoonist. You name it, I've experienced it.”

Dore Capitani lives life with the same energy that sizzles through his work. His sculptures, mainly constructed of various metals, blend sharp edges with fluid motion. Capitani's work has been shown in the prestigious Chicago Merchandise Mart and in numerous galleries in the Chicago area. His work can be seen in many galleries in Idyllwild, Niemi Sculpure Gallery in Wisconsin, and at his workshop/sculpture-garden in Mountain Center.

The Courtyard Gallery is also featuring work of Capitani as well as that of pottery artists Debbie Crowell and Claire Hughes. Crowell, who is also an outstanding photographer, is known for her intriguing pottery which reflects a sacred perspective of universal harmony with nature. Hughes, who died earlier this year, was a cherished member of the Courtyard Gallery for decades. The gallery continues to honor her memory by displaying some of her extraordinary creations known for their perfection of shape and colors that stayed true to her deep love of the earth.

Robin Mills, daughter of our Gallery owner Carol, will have some lovely fused glass items on display. Enjoy her unique glass jewelry or select one of her very intriguing plates for your home. The reflection and interaction of light in her pieces is a sight to behold.

Courtyard also presents new photographs by Tish Tuley, and new paintings by Carol Mills and Helen Atic." In addition, Judith Lepuschitz will display a new series of abstract paintings, some of which incorporate Braille letters as readable and touchable elements that convey the essence of each painting.

Fashioning three-dimensional art is a way of life for Janet and Larry Everitt, of Everitt’s Minerals and Gallery. The gallery specializes in handmade jewelry and designs made with exotic mineral specimens and rare fossils. The Everitts learned the ropes of “rock hounding” in the mountains of North Georgia, where they would hunt for treasures and take them to an expert to be made into jewelry. Later, they studied the art of jewelry making and, now, display and sell their own beautiful creations.

The Idyllwild Gallery of Fine Art presents Cheryl McNeill, an emerging glass artist, who is wonderfully bold and creative. After spending much of her life in the rough and tumble world of professional politics, McNeill needed an outlet for her creative expression. One day, she decided to learn to work with glass, a beautiful and elegant medium that has always intrigued her. By the end of that day, what had started as a hobby became her new and exciting career. McNeill bid goodbye to the world of politics and transformed her modest garage into a studio. Rabbit Canyon Designs was born. McNeill brings a genuine passion and meticulous devotion to each piece of art she creates.

There’s a new gallery on the block. Owners Ron and Darla Singerton present a delightful artistic journey through this new venue, which features a wide range of diversity in both style and medium. The Singergon Gallery provides exceptional original award-winning bronze and stone sculptures, oil paintings, mixed media, and handcrafted jewelry designed exclusively by the Singertons.

Also, be sure to see:

Café Aroma – Featuring Artist Signature Wine series labels by resident artist Rachel Welch. Come enjoy El Presidente Cabernet Sauvignon and Diva Dell' Uve Chardonnay.

Florist In The Forest & Gallery – Featuring the multi-media works of Donna Lori Parker.

Four Corners Fine Art Gallery – Four Corners Gallery is featuring the hand crafted jewelry designs of Trudy Adler. Trudy's latest offerings are signature pieces made of gleaming copper.

Mason Fine Art Gallery – Mason Fine Art features Julie Halstead, a fabric art painter, and Cindy Eddy, a mosaic artist known for whimsical embellishments.

Two Babes in the Woods – Featuring new works from their Family of Artists.

The Art Alliance of Idyllwild is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to promoting local artists and galleries while enhancing Idyllwild’s growing reputation as one of the top 100 Art Towns in America.

For more information, check out the AAI website at
Contact: B. Bailey

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Special Invite: Show up in Burbank

I will be showing at the Colony Theatre June 18-July 27 2008.
All my landscapes plus a few specially created just for the show about the Prairie

..for more information, click links below..

Thanks, Darcy

Flying Pigment Studio

by John Olive

Before talk radio, shock jocks,
& Garrison Keillor, there was
country boy Davey Quinn.

June 18 to July 27, 2008

Before talk radio, before shock jocks, before Garrison Keillor, there was country boy Davey Quinn. On the 1920s prairie, Davey's special storytelling grabs the ear of an early radio hustler who puts him on the air, and a star is born. Quinn's homespun yarns become a hit with the hearts of America, including one whose childhood memories are mysteriously stirred to life. An epic adventure of young love and redemption that will enchant the entire family.

For more information about each show,
or to learn how to subscribe,
or go to
or call (818) 558-7000.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Pigasus, When Pigs Fly?? EBAY AUCTION, Check it out..

SOLD: 5/16/08
Check back for more auctions

"Pigasus, When Pigs Fly?

$7.50 starting bid!!

Visit Ebay Auction here:

Surrounded by an enchanted woodlands, a family of flying pigs playing tag you're "it" with butterflies while picnicking near the lake.

The original is a acrylic, 24x36" and can be viewed at Flying Pigment Studio website:

It's a signed/opened edition, size 18x24" with white borders that has "Pigasus, When Pigs Fly?" text at the bottom of print. It is a self-published print, Date of Production: (c)1991 The background was inspired by Sequoia National Forest in California & The Swamp lands of Florida.

artist bio...Although she grew up in the shadows of Disneyland, Darcy Gerdes didn't have to "wish upon a star" to make her dreams come true. The self-taught artist has built a thriving career from her artistic passions...

She began drawing & doodling at an early age and by 5, Darcy could be found selling caricatures of her neighbors for nickel each...

In the past, selected pieces of Darcy's multi-media works were available in prints, puzzles, cards, cross stitch & magnets, from such notable publishers as Figi Graphics, Leanin Tree Cards, Leisure Arts, Dimensions, Art in Motion and her own Flying Pigment Studio...

Armed with such a unlimited source of inspiration, Darcy says she "has no one favorite subject to paint...each idea, each concept seems to want a life of their own...each design stands on its own merits...I learn from each piece"...

Darcy now favors watercolors, acrylics and color pencil. "I've always felt the subject suggests the type of medium to use, which I think naturally changes my style slightly. The limitations or quality of the mediums chosen can also make a difference"...

Darcy's only formal training was in high school, where she took as many art classes as she could and studied under a "most excellent teacher", Mrs. Adele Mason. She did however pay particular attention to her neighbor, Ken Southworth , an incredibly ingenious animator...

Along with personal success she says her greatest rewards come from the way folks react to my art... "I love to see a perceptive knowing smile or chuckle! :}

Darcy is very active in the local art scene of Idyllwild, CA. and does take special pride of showing her award winning works in the past as a juried artist at Art A Fair, Laguna Beach, CA.. In October 06, She opened her own gallery, Flying Pigment Studio Gallery located in midtown Idyllwild, CA. The gallery is also a "member gallery" with Art Alliance of Idyllwild and partakes in all the events from March to October...

Endowed with innate talent and amazing eye for detail, a wonderfully humorous approach to every day events, Darcy shouldn't lose her appeal either...

Thanks for stopping by... Darcy Gerdes

"Art is a Pigment Of Your Imagination"
Flying Pigment Studio

Thursday, May 1, 2008

AAI puts Finishing Touches On its 10th Annual Member's Show!!

IDYLLWILD, CA, 4/28/08 – Artists in the mountain town of Idyllwild are preparing their latest creations for the 10th Annual Member's Show. The yearly event provides a welcoming showcase for a variety of artworks that include oil and acrylic paintings, water colors, photographs, mixed media pieces, ceramics and sculptures made by the AAI's 75 member artists.

The event takes place this coming weekend, May 2-5, at the Courtyard Building at 26120 Ridgeview Drive. The Annual Members Show is part of the AAI's "First Saturdays" series, which hosts an entertaining and informative art event on the first Saturday of each month from March through October.

The event opens Friday, May 2, with a cozy, evening reception from 7-9 PM. Enjoy drinks and appetizers as you browse the excellent, original creations and chat with your favorite artists. The reception is free and open to the public. Artists and guests will cast their votes for the "People's Choice" and "Artists Choice" awards, which will be given to first and second place winners.

The exhibition will remain open Saturday, May 3, through Monday, May 5, from noon until 5 PM. You're sure to find an exceptional selection, whether you're thinking about starting an art collection or looking for some unique pieces to expand an existing one.

The event is sponsored by Lois and Dave Butterfield. The mission of the Art Alliance of Idyllwild is to promote art and art education while supporting local artists and galleries. One way to share the work of AAI artists is the event's "Under $100" exhibit. Affordable, original works of art will be offered for sale for under $100. Each one-of-a-kind piece is crafted by talented Art Alliance Artists. It's a great opportunity to pick up an original treasure at bargain basement prices.

For a preview of what's in store:

· Larry and Janet Everitt, known for their creative use of exotic minerals and interesting rocks, will present one of their unique, custom jewelry pieces.
· Irene Corey's entry is an 18" x 18" oil painting called, "Ladies' Day."
· Zane Ott presents, "Indian Blanket," an acrylic on canvas.
· Doug Bernhagen will be submitting a pencil, ink, and gesso drawing on piece of luan panel. The title is, "See It, Touch It."
· Daniel Fiddler's "LOVE ON THE ROCKS" is a mixed media piece of Paua shell and stone, 12x15.
· Artist Kathleen Chaney is entering "The Mermaid," measuring 15" x 12" and made of interesting fabrics, natural shells, crystals and accessories.
· Kathy Harmon-Luber is entering her exquisite black and white photograph "Agave Dream."
· John Simpson will present his serene yet powerfully moving image "Lovers on a Pier, Kauai

For more information on this and other AAI events, call 866-439-5278 or visit our web site at:

Please feel free to comment!!
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