Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SAVE the Wild Tigers~ International Fund for Animal Welfare

"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language." ~ Martin Buber

im passionate about tigers.
This is "Narrow Vision", a 10x20" acrylic on
Russian Linen Gallery Wrap, part of the Vision Series
created to show rare and endangered animals~
Please take a moment, & read the following newsletter from
International Fund for Animal Welfare, from Fred O'Regan. IFAW President
Thanks, Darcy

You can help us save wild tigers before it's too late

Tigers farms are threatening the survival of wild tigers.

International Fund for Animal Welfare

Click here to urge the U.S. the lead the way in saving wild tigers

Wild tiger numbers have dwindled in recent years to perilously low numbers - there are now less than 4,000 remaining. Already under threat from habitat and prey loss, wild tigers now face a serious threat to their existence from tiger farming.
Well the time has come to stop tiger farming in its tracks! Tiger farms are a big cat's worst nightmare: tigers are used to roaming large areas of land, but in farms they're confined in small cages...and they're "speed-bred" and even in-bred!...and the babies are torn from their mothers at three months - as opposed to three years in the wild - so the mothers can breed again and again.
And if that's not bad enough, tiger farming has become a serious threat to the survival of wild tigers as well.Here's why: Tigers were once hunted for their pelts, and for their bones which are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for treating arthritis and rheumatism. The result is that tiger populations were hunted down to dangerously low levels, so low that China banned the domestic trade in tiger bone in 1993.
So it seemed that wild tigers were safe from hunters...but not for long.In the late 1990's, wealthy businessmen began farming tigers and making tiger bone available for trade. Tiger farming stimulates the market demand for tiger parts. However, not every tiger trader has a farm - many of them illegally hunt wild tigers, and then sell their parts on a thriving black market.
The United States, historically a leader on global tiger conservation, has proposed a new international effort to end tiger farming that it hopes to present at the next CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) conference.
I need you to send a message to U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary Salazar, strongly supporting his proposal to end tiger farming.
I've drafted an e-mail for you - click here to open it and then follow the simple instructions to send it.
We CAN stop tiger farming in its tracks - but only if we act quickly. Please send your message of support today while it's still fresh in your mind.
Thank you,Fred O'Regan
IFAW President
p.s. Tiger farming businessmen disguise their money-making ventures as "conservation breeding," but the truth is that tigers bred on these farms lack the vital skills needed to survive in the wild - so the farms have absolutely no value for conservation of the species.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


By Martin Buxbaum

"My Papa" pencil, Darcy Gerdes

You can use most any measure
When you're speaking of success
You can measure it in fancy home,
Expensive car or dress.
But the measure of your real success
Is the one you cannot spend.
It's the way your kids describe you
When they're talking to a friend.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Studio Zone~

The Studio, a room to which the artist consigns himself for life, is naturally important, not only as a workplace, but as a source of inspiration. And it usually manages, one way or another, to turn up in his product"
Grace Glueck quote

Flying Pigment Studio

Friday, August 21, 2009

PreOrdering Your Wine Glass for Art Walk & Wine Tasting

Hello there! It's time to BEAT THE RUSH!!!

It is time once again to prepare for our biggest event of the year. We have begun the preordering process for your wine glasses for the upcoming Art Walk and Wine Tasting event. Save time by not having to stand in long lines to purchase your glasses the day of the event.

Preorder them now on line at the Town Crier Website
or check out the AAI website calendar page at and get your tickets there.

You can also visit your favorite AAI gallery and purchase tickets there. Beat the rush!

New this year we have discounted sales if you purchase in bulk. Details on the Town Crier website. All pre-sold glasses can be picked up at the WILL CALL table. No need to stand in the general sales line. We hope you can come out and enjoy this fantastic event! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop us a line.

Have a great day!
Lon Mercer

Rainbow Inn Bed & Breakfast
"Naturally Comfortable"

P.O. Box 3384
Idyllwild, CA 92549
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Work in progress on "Wild Solitude"

artist: Darcy Gerdes

12x36" acrylic, russian linen, gallery wrap
Gallery Patio

Flying Pigment Studio

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Corner Lodge, Fern Valley

artist: Darcy Gerdes

First Rough 16x20" newsprint sketch of Denny's "Corner Lodge, Fern Valley.
Denny approved it last Sat. so now on to final sketch.

Flying Pigment Studio

Monday, August 17, 2009

Had A story published at Divine Caroline..

celebrity at the gallery

Hi Ya'l, Yesterday at the gallery I spent bout an 45min with Hudson Leick who played Callisto in the Xena series. She and her hubby were up looking around the town, possibly to buy a house. Very sweet lady. Nothing like her some of her characters. First time a celebrity has come in at the gallery. Was a pleasure to meet her, dispute me getting all flabergausted..

Friday, August 14, 2009

"This is your brain on painting"

"Be Well" illustration for Nick Moran, artist Darcy Gerdes

This is good. Always listen to music while painting.

This is your brain on painting August 14, 2009 By Robert Genn

For those who might wonder why music plays such a great role in human life and culture, Daniel J. Levitin has written This is Your Brain on Music. The book contains remarkable insights and new information on music, song and dance. Some researchers think music may actually predate speech. Others see it as a wayward deviation that only ends in harmless play. Curiously open-ended and open-minded, there's something on every page of Levitin's book that has me asking similar questions about the brain and painting.

"The Wizard" color pencil, Darcy Gerdes. Idynomes collection
Folks have been making marks on cave walls for almost as long as they've been humming and whistling. And folks have been painting some sort of pictures, getting attention and impressing others for longer than rockers have been rocking for chicks. Can these arts be related to the business of attracting a mate, or are they some form of mass or private beguilement? Further, has evolution hardwired some of us to our brushes? If so, what's the nature of this wiring, why do we plug into it, and what's it good for?

Among many other enrichments, three words keep reappearing in Levitin's book--rhythm, repetition and novelty. Here's how I feel they might just apply to our game:

Lion & the Lamb: darcy gerdes
Rhythm is an elemental force in human nature. In visual art the moving brush and the wandering eye are directed toward harmonious cycles and shapes that amuse and satisfy. This rhythm is between curves and flats, protrusions and recessions, crudeness and delicacy, patterns and amorphousness, lines and forms. As in music, the list goes on.

Repetition is one of those strangely satisfying curiosities that somehow helps us feel rewarded and secure. Repeated motifs, themes and stylistic peculiarities give a "beat" to visual art that seduces the eye and brings it back for more. Far from being boring, repetition is the grid on which higher themes may fly.

At the same time, the human brain and eye love novelty. Something new around the corner--a surprise, a jolt out of the normal--arrests our flow and gives a sudden flush of wonder and joy. In the evenness that describes so much of life, humanity craves the bump of novelty.

Best regards,Robert

PS: "Another possibility is that evolution selected creativity in general as a marker of sexual fitness." (Daniel J. Levitin)

Esoterica: Coincidentally, on recent jury duty I was paying attention to the choices of my fellow jurors. For the most part they chose art that was not necessarily technically competent or perfectly rendered. What held the juror's attention and received the highest number of votes was work that appeared to me to overflow with rhythm, repetition and novelty. Coincidentally, I had just watched the works being painted on location, and those winning artists also seemed hardwired to having the most fun.

Current clickback: Divestiture looks at the business of selling off a collection of art work and the methodologies of doing so. Selected, illustrated reader input as well as live comment is included.Read this letter online and give us an idea what's going on in your brain when you paint.

You can also write Robert directly at rgenn@saraphina.comEvery day there are new features going into The Painter's Post. This online arts aggregator has links to art info, ideas, inspiration and unmitigated creative fun.If a friend is trying to subscribe to the Twice-Weekly Letter via Constant Contact, please let them know that as well as subscribing they must confirm their subscription.

You can also follow Robert's musings and feedback on Facebook and Twitter.Featured Responses: Alternative to the instant Live Comments, Featured Responses are illustrated and edited for content. If you would like to submit your own for possible inclusion, please do so. Just click 'reply' on this letter or write to

You can have some fun with this! A Premium Art Listing in the Painter's Keys Art Directory is the most effective thing an artist can do to be tastefully and respectably noticed. This listing--really a mini web page--costs $100 per year and we do all the set-up. Find out how well it might work for you.

warrior moon darcy gerdes work in progress
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Juried Artist Member's Show

Sept. 11-13 - 11th Annual Juried Artist Members' Show

Friday, September 11 - Reception 6-8pm; Saturday, September 12 - Open Exhibit 9am-4pm; Sunday, September 13 -

Open Exhibit 9am-1pm. The over 75 member artists submit their best work for jurying. Awards in photography, abstract, representation and three dimensional work are given.
Selection of Artists' and People's Choice Awards will be made at
the reception on Friday, Sept 11; all events at the Rainbow Inn, 54420 South Circle Dr.

11th Annual Juried Member Show

Rainbow Inn: 54420 South Circle Dr.

Date & Time

Artists’ Reception
Friday, September 11, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Open Exhibition –
Saturday, September 12, 9:00-4:00 p.m.

Sunday, September 13, 9:00- 1:00

Criteria for Entry Piece:

* Must be ready to show – Pieces not meeting the following requirements may not be accepted into the show.
2-D art – framed with wire hanging system
3-D objects requiring display device must be provided by the artist
* Original art must not have been shown in any AAI event in the last two years.
* All work must be signed.
* Please make sure your membership dues are paid and current.
Criteria for Under $100 Piece:
* Must be ready to show – Pieces not meeting the following requirements may not be accepted into the show.
2-D art – framed with wire hanging system
3-D objects requiring display device must be provided by the artist
* All work must be signed.
* Please make sure your membership dues are paid and current.
* You may submit 2 pieces in the Under $100 Category. We will hang one and if we have room for the other we will hang it as well.

Deliver Work: To the Rainbow Inn by Wednesday, September 9, 5:00 p.m. No art will be accepted after this date. Please have forms filled out and attached to artwork prior to delivery.

Pick Up Work: Sunday, September 13, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Hanging Fee: $20.00 (Fee waived if you participated in the “Eye and the Artist” event.

Under $100: We have removed the 15% commission from this category, however if you would like to donate a commission to the Alliance it would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, or need to mail your piece in, contact Amanda Taylor at 877.439.5278, or Lon Mercer at 951.659.0111

Looking forward to another fabulous show.

Flying Pigment Studio

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Traditional Roadtrip to an Extraordinary Destination...


IDYLLWILD, CA, 8/2/09 – What’s more appropriate for a California summer than a road trip? And what better way to end a road trip than by finding treasure at your destination? The Art Alliance of Idyllwild has planned an event that will delight road trippers and treasure hunters alike… the Art Alliance of Idyllwild’s Annual Treasure Hunt and Gallery Walk. Come join the fun, August 8, 2009, from noon until 5pm.

Your travels will lead you up a scenic mountain highway to the mountain town of Idyllwild, where the fresh mountain air carries a hint of pine and cedar. Pick up your treasure map ($3 each or 2 for $5) at the Village Centre gazebo after 11:30 am and plot your course for the day’s adventure. Each Art Alliance member gallery will offer a clue that will reveal one piece of the map. Solve the clue and write down your answer before heading out to the next gallery along the route.

Searching for clues is only part of the fun. In the afternoon, when the completed treasure maps are handed in, the prizes will be announced. This year’s treasure includes: two nights at the Creekstone Inn, two nights at the Quiet Creek Inn, 4 (2 for each day) passes to the Idyllwild Jazz in the Pines festival, 4 passes to the Living Desert, a 3-day camping pass to Lake Hemet Campground, gift certificates from Café Aroma, Arriba and Gastronome and a host of art work from local artists and galleries. Also among the prizes are tickets for the Art Alliance’s Annual Art Walk &Wine Tasting in October.

Your journey will reveal some of the finest original art in the region, made in a variety of mediums that include: oil and acrylic painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, jewelry, furniture and glass art. A small sampling includes:

Visit Everitt’s Minerals and Gallery, to cruise past works of art made of fossil specimens from around the world, including the Sahara Desert of Morocco. Some of the shelled fossils date back 500 million years. Handmade jewelry by lapidary and silversmiths Larry and Janet Everitt will be available as well as ceramics by Idyllwild artists David Salk, Trudy Levy. Also enjoy art gourds by Brigitte Lopez and Elizabeth Green, paintings by Leslie Van Nimwegen, and bronzes by Marcia Cox and Lisa Lindahl.

At Quite Creek Living Room – Gallery and Gifts, the AAI’s newest member gallery, your hunt will lead you to the paintings of Southern California artists Rich Stergulz, Erich Neubert and Paul Strahm. Stergulz’s plein air paintings offer realism with a touch of Russian impressionism. Strahm’s impressionist style features a rich and varied palette and bold strokes of the brush. Neubert uses an impressionist style and sophisticated palette, brush stroke and use of light. Other artists include Arizona raku potter Paula Gregg and photography by gallery co-owner Jim Newcomb.

Flying Pigment Studio’s, resident artist Darcy Gerdes will show a work in progress titled “Wild Solitude. The 12x36’ acrylic on Russian linen will be on the side patio. New art rocks from Idyllwild’s “Rock Lady” will be on display along with a sampling of metal sculptures by Dore Capitani, photographs by local artist Carol Rice, and raku works by Marcia Cox and Jan Jaspers-Fayer.

Dore’s Mountain Metals, at Mountain Center, walk through the art garden and enjoy the creations of artists Dore Capitani and Bill Anson. Mountain Metals features two galleries and hundreds of outdoor sculptures.

The Treasure Hunt and Gallery Walk is part of the Art Alliance’s “Second Saturdays” series, which features a unique art event on the 2nd Saturday of each month from March through October. The AAI’s mission, as a 501(c) 3 organization, is to promote local artists and galleries and to enhance Idyllwild’s reputation as one of the “100 Best Small Art Towns in America,” as named by author John Villani.

On display at Frank Bruynbroek’s Oh My Dog Gallery, is a remarkable photo collection of interesting dogs, along with a combination of street scenes taken throughout his worldly travels. Based on an effort to raise awareness about improper treatment of animals, Bruynbroek’s work is a stirring combination of art, activism and authenticity. His portraits feature rescued dogs as well as pets of famous celebrities.

For more information, visit the AAI web site
or call the toll-free number 877-439-5278.
Flying Pigment Studio

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