Monday, January 7, 2008

Martini Madness: Art On Glass



4 Ounces Gin
1 Ounce Cherry Brandy
2 Lemon Wedges


Combine ingredients except lemon in a shaker filled with ice. Strain into glasses, garnish with lemon wedges.

(<---still a work in progress, need to add lemons...using acrylics, hand wash

New Release:
Idyllwild Martini Madness: Art On a Glass

Idyllwild artists interpret love on hand-painted martini glasses. Creations will be auctioned online at 1013KATY Radio in Temecula as Vaentine's Day gifts.

When you want a little dignity and class, or you need to project bon vivant bona fides, ordering a martini cocktail is just the thing. James Bond drinks them. Carrie Bradshaw loves them. They are still hot in Hollywood with the ladies who do lunch. Some martinis even have movie star names like the Dean Martini ( vodka in a martini glass, an olive, a book of matches and a Lucky Strike cigarette ) or a Mary Martin ( Absolut Peppar vodka, tomato juice and spices ) Of course, for traditionalists, there is always the classic vodka or gin martini with vermouth and a slice of lemon peel.

In Idyllwild, we add a splash of art with a hand-painted martini glass. If we want class, let's go all the way. The Idyllwild Chamber is partnering with KATY Radio in Temecula to create "Martini Madness ." Idyllwld artists will hand-paint sets of martini glasses to express their interpretation of love. Join us in Idyllwild on Saturday, January 19th at Gastrognome Restaurant where the glasses will be displayed. A panel of judges will select the most original design as guests enjoy a Martini Happy Hour. Come try a Pomegrante Martini or a Chocatini at the Gastrognome bar. On Friday, Feb. 8th, online bidding begins at the KATY website for 48 hours, and the highest bidders win a set of martini glasses, the perfect gift for Valentine's.

Company Name: Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce
Company Address: PO Box 1501, Idy., Ca. 92549
Contact Details: Georgie Rehin, 951-659-8670

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