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Art with Theatre! Colony Theatre

Special Invite: Show up in Burbank
Colony Theatre
June 18-July 27 2008

Directed by David Rose

Before talk radio,
Before shock jocks,
Before Garrison Keillor,
There was country boy
Davey Quinn.

From the artistic shores of Laguna Beach to the art colony in Idyllwild, CA., Darcy Gerdes has enjoyed a professional art career for over 25 years. Recently, her wildlife & landscapes were discovered thru the artist’s website at by the Colony Theatre in beautiful downtown Burbank, CA by art gallery curator, Jude Walder. Her artwork has been selected as part of the gallery exhibition for “The Voice of the Prairie” a John Olive play production, scheduled to run from June18th to July 27th. In addition to her finished subjects, Darcy was inspired to paint nine new pieces of the Midwest prairie, featuring fields of grain against a blue sky filled with wispy clouds. “Nature always inspires me,” explained Darcy, “and I identified with the lead character, Davey Quinn.” He discovers storytelling as I have discovered art. Growing up in Anaheim, surrounded by strawberry fields, just as he grew up looking at acres of grain waving in the wind.

The play captures the beginning stages of radio storytelling in the heartland of America during the 1920s. Before talk radio, before shock jocks, before Garrison Keillor, there was country boy Davey Quinn. Davey’s special storytelling grabs the ear of an early radio hustler who puts him on the air – and a star is born. Quinn’s homespun yarns become a hit with the hearts of America, including one whose childhood memories are mysteriously stirred to life. An epic adventure of young love and redemption – with 3 actors playing more than 20 roles – that will enchant the entire family.

Darcy’s art career has included juried art, commissions and licensed art, but this is her first venture into theater gallery exbitions. Her paintings will be featured with a showing as theater subscribers enjoy cocktails, buffet, meet the artist and enjoy the pre-show debut. Come to the Colony Theater, and enjoy Darcy’s artistry inside the dramatic art of the play.

For more information about Darcy Gerdes or “The Voice of the Prairie,” contact:

Darcy Gerdes
Flying Pigment Studio

Press release by:
Georgie Rhein
Idyllwild Life Magazine

"There's always light at the end of the tunnel"
12x36" acrylic, gallery wrapped.

"Quilt Day" 10x20"
Gallery wrapped acrylic

The Voice of the Prairie

Featuring Tom Dugan, Michael Matthys, Ashley Bell

On the 1920s prairie, Davey Quinn's special storytelling grabs the ear of an early radio hustler
Who puts him on the air -- and a star is born. Quinn's homespun yarns become a hit with the
Hearts of America, including one whose childhood memories are mysteriously stirred to life.
An epic adventure of young love and redemption -- with 3 actors playing more than 20 roles.
Directed by David Rose, the award-winning director of "Master Harold" ...
And the boys and ...Young Lady from Rwanda.


"A deft and witty valentine to a pioneering spirit and to
the value of words that will delight all within earshot." -- LA Times

Tickets are $37 to $42
Student, Senior & Group Discounts Available
Or call (818) 558-7000.


Welcome to our 34th Anniversary Season! Our first production of the season is John Olive's The Voice of the Prairie, a uniquely American story that is rooted in midwestern tradition and history, and I want to share with you why we are so excited to bring you this play. .

The Voice of the Prairie is set in the 1920s during the birth of radio, and within 10 years of the play, the radio had changed the world. This sounds like such a long time ago, but the reality is that we all know what it's like to have new technology impact our lives. With the creation and evolution of the internet -- which is still unregulated, just as the early days of radio were -- we are experiencing our own technological revolution that is changing our world on a daily basis.

But this play isn't just about technology; it's also about storytelling. The character David Quinn shares the captivating stories of his youth to an ever-growing radio audience, and as human beings, there's something in our DNA that compels us to respond to a well-told story. As it is written, The Voice of the Prairie cannot be presented as a television show or a movie. It is a uniquely theatrical event where 3 extremely talented actors play more than 20 roles, and this theatricality makes it especially exciting to produce and share. The Voice of the Prairie is unlike anything The Colony has ever done, and I hope you enjoy it.

Warm regards,
Barbara Beckley
Artistic Director

The Colony Theatre
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Burbank, CA 91502
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Fax: (818) 558-7110

The award-winning Colony Theatre is Burbank's premiere professional theatre and has been
named "LA's Best Live Theatre" by the readers of the LA Daily News and named
one of "25 Notable US Theatre Companies" by Encyclopedia Britannica's Almanac six years in a row. The Colony won the LA Stage Alliance Ovation Award for Best Play in a Larger Theatre two years in a row and was named as a "Critic's Choice" by the Los Angeles Times five productions in a row. For more information, visit our website:

The Colony Theatre Company is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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