Monday, October 13, 2008

A simple story..been thinking about friends

Dear Visitors:

I had to share this story!!! This is written by my friend,
Janice Toepfer... A Goddess & Road Diva.

Recently at the gallery we all met up for the art wine and walk, Oct 4th.
She is the keeper of "Crow Spirit", a portrait of her 1949 WL Flathead Harley, a giclee, see below .. Enjoy! as i did..she surprised me with the story..such a talent to paint with words..
I met her when I was 17 years old.

It is nearly Halloween. Darcy reminded me that we met on Halloween night many years ago at a wild party in Orange, California. We were so untamed then. Sexuality and drunkenness intensified as the night wore on. We were all in love with someone and our masks and costumes and the pagan night turned it to fire.

We lived at Lane’s house. People everywhere. Women moving in and out. Harleys and parties and youth. If life is an oyster, we were truly living in a bed of it.

Growing up passed slowly with friends peeling off, marriages and children, jobs and responsibility. The acquisition years of homes and cars and bank accounts were demanding times and we saw little of one another, but the threads still held together and news of one another seem to always reach the group.

When Ron died, everyone was again present. This seem to me a pivotal moment and I am unsure why. Maybe he represented everything we all had endured silently. Drugs, infidelity, divorce, cancer…all of this on the tail of an incredible and very short life.

Afterwards, we all returned to our respected corners and lived on. Threads still holding us together and life moving ever so slowly forward.

In the last few years as children have grown and gone, threads got pulled into the fabric of our friendship and we see more of one another. We have bike runs together and parties at Bill’s house and the stories of our friendship are told to the curious new friends we have gathered in our circle. I hear this story told every time. Darcy told it last week to Rick’s new girlfriend who marveled at our connection. “Yes, I met Janice on Halloween night many years ago….” It is our story and we love saying the words that mean so much to us.

Darcy is a skilled artist whose friendship I value greatly. We are connected by dragons now too. She is the keeper of the secret side of all of us that is not shared with the group. She is Pisces and to be a Piscean ‘is to have an instinctive, unerring sense of the possible - and the impossible. It is to amble easily around the border territory between the two states and make magic happen as a result. If you want more success, the secret is simple. Ignore those critics who are too stupid to appreciate the breadth of your vision.’ This is who Darcy is and this is reflected in her art. She is also a woman of great beauty and passion and whom all secrets are safe.

Written by Janice Toepfer (c) 2008

To read more of her stories:

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ps. "A friend is one who knows all about you and still loves you"

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