Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wild Solitude" 12x36 original acrylic, artist Darcy Gerdes

"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language" M Bube

"Wild Solitude" is an original acrylic by artist Darcy Gerdes, a 12x36" acrylic on Russian Linen Gallery Wrapped (3/4") Canvas at Ebay:

"Wolves tend to typcially live & hunt in packs, but this lone wolf is in the state of being solitary & secluded in a natural state with a "serene" look in his eyes while walking along the snowy mountain top much like it is behind my cabin in the national forest. I love tranquil solitude & enjoy my walks in the seclusion of the woods."

artist bio: Darcy Gerdes
"Art is a Pigment Of Your Imagination"

Although she grew up in the shadows of Disneyland, Darcy Gerdes didn't have to "wish upon a star" to make her dreams come true. The self-taught artist has built a thriving career from her artistic passions... She began drawing & doodling at an early age and by 5, Darcy could be found selling caricatures of her neighbors for nickel each...

In the past, selected pieces of Darcy's multi-media works were available in prints, puzzles, cards, cross stitch & magnets, from such notable publishers as Figi Graphics, Leanin Tree Cards, Leisure Arts, Dimensions, Art in Motion and her own Flying Pigment Studio...
Armed with such a unlimited source of inspiration, Darcy says she "has no one favorite subject to paint...each idea, each concept seems to want a life of their own...each design stands on its own merits...I learn from each piece"...

Darcy now favors watercolors, acrylics and color pencil. "I've always felt the subject suggests the type of medium to use, which I think naturally changes my style slightly. The limitations or quality of the mediums chosen can also make a difference"...

Darcy's only formal training was in high school, where she took as many art classes as she could and studied under a "most excellent teacher", Mrs. Adele Mason. She did however pay particular attention to her neighbor, Ken Southworth, an incredibly ingenious animator...( In loving memory of Ken Southworth (1918-2007)

Along with personal success she says her greatest rewards come from the way folks react to my art...

"I love to see a perceptive knowing smile or chuckle! :}

Darcy is very active in the local art scene of Idyllwild, CA. and does take special pride of showing her award winning works in the past as a juried artist at Art A Fair, Laguna Beach, CA..

I In October 06, She opened her own gallery, Flying Pigment Studio Gallery located in midtown Idyllwild, CA. The gallery was also "member gallery" with Art Alliance of Idyllwild and actively particpanted all the events from March to October..

This October 09, the artist decided to close the gallery for various reasons & is now working out of her brand new Studio joining AAI as artist & studio member 2010.
Stay tuned for detail's coming up for studio tour event!


"The Studio, a room to which the artist consigns himself for life, is naturally important, not only as a workplace, but as a source of inspiration. And it usually manages, one way or another, to turn up in his product" Grace Clueck

Endowed with innate talent and amazing eye for detail, a wonderfully humorous approach to every day events, Darcy shouldn't lose her appeal either...

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