Friday, October 1, 2010

Wicked Wild Dancing at "The Witches Tree"


"The Witches Tree" Photo by D. Gerdes (c) 2010 ,
somewhere near Idyllwild,CA

  The Witches Tree
A couple years ago, a friend showed me a tree, that ancient Idyllwildians named  "The Witches Tree" It is located somewhere near Idyllwild in the San Jacinto mtns. It is amazing. Its been said that there's often been sightings of wicked wild dancing there silhouetted by the light of the moon. One night a year, be aware that on ole Hallowed Eve "the eve before All Hallows' Day," rumour has it that local Witches will gather that night, to dance creating energy for conjuring of spells.  . 

 I ve been sworn to secrecy of its location, for fear of being turned into a toad or worse. . .

Photo by D. Gerdes, (c) 2010 RIP
 Flying Pigment Studio Gallery 


"SMILIE" artist: Darcy Gerdes (c) 2010, acrylic wash


Happy Halloween & Best Witches~ Darcy

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  1. Hi Darcy, Love the Witches tree you will have to do a painting of it.Brian

  2. HI Brian, Thank u, great artistic minds think alike... I have a work in progress about Idyllwild, "Idynomes" that this tree will appear in. My friend, who vowed me to silence is afraid that someday it would be cut down. Its a very old tree. Thicker then most. Do you see the warts on her face OMY???


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