Sunday, May 18, 2008

Special Invite: Show up in Burbank

I will be showing at the Colony Theatre June 18-July 27 2008.
All my landscapes plus a few specially created just for the show about the Prairie

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Thanks, Darcy

Flying Pigment Studio

by John Olive

Before talk radio, shock jocks,
& Garrison Keillor, there was
country boy Davey Quinn.

June 18 to July 27, 2008

Before talk radio, before shock jocks, before Garrison Keillor, there was country boy Davey Quinn. On the 1920s prairie, Davey's special storytelling grabs the ear of an early radio hustler who puts him on the air, and a star is born. Quinn's homespun yarns become a hit with the hearts of America, including one whose childhood memories are mysteriously stirred to life. An epic adventure of young love and redemption that will enchant the entire family.

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