Sunday, October 25, 2009

International Artist Day wow, how cool~


October 25th every year has been selected as International Artist Day.

This worldwide tribute to artists will honor and bring recognition to the contributions they have made to civilization. Everyone around the world can do something special on that day to enhance the visual arts: take an artist to lunch, host an exhibition, buy a piece of art, attend a gallery show, visit a studio of your favorite artist. Blog each other, let your local news papers and tv be aware.. Also try and have your city proclaim this wonderful day. If we don't help make this happen worldwide it will not perpetuate itself. Please get involved.

If you would like to help promote this important day please put our link on your web site. As artists we need to network together. Please let me know when you do this and we will link yours as well.

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Here are some suggestions for events, on International Artist Day.

1.Have the Mayor of your city proclaim this day, October 25th, as International Artist Day every year. The mayor has the right to make proclamations. So a council vote is not needed.

2.For a visual exposure have your local media film an interview and do an article about the Artist(s) in your area.

3.Have businesses sponsor an Artist by purchasing a painting for their lobby, or hosting a show.

4.Treat your favorite Artist to lunch or dinner.

5.With so much up and coming new talent out there, why not help sponsor an emerging artist, through a weekend workshop or fundraiser.

6.Advertise International Artist Day by downloading our logo and using it to print posters or invitations for events.

7.As a gallery owner, host an Open House with as many of your represented Artists in attendance.

8.As an individual art lover, throw a house party featuring your Artist friend(s) and their artwork, of course!

9.Host an “Art Auction” in a restaurant with a guest speaker to talk about art appreciation, art history (briefly) and the importance art plays in our society. Charge per plate. This money can be used to help sponsor new talent in the schools.

10.Send International Artist Day greeting/post cards to all your supporters to show your appreciation and thank them for honoring Artists and supporting the arts.

11.If you have any type of website, add the International Artist Day link and feature a different artist of the month, every month with a short biography.

12.Most of us drive so why not have some magnetic decals or bumper stickers made to promote International Artist Day to display on your vehicle. This would help the awareness to develop.

Think its a brilliant idea~ good studio event, planning mine for Oct. 25, 2010!

Kind Regards, Darcy
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